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lunedì 20 maggio 2019

How to curl hair extensions yourself

Hair extensions can be styled to create so many different fabulous looks! One of our favorite things to do with hair extensions is curl them, of course. When curling hair extensions, you are able to give body to your hair and get those thick and luscious locks you desire! This is especially useful for those of us who have fine or thin hair.
Before you take out your curling iron, it is important to take into consideration the type of human hair extensions you have before styling… you don’t want to risk damaging your beautiful alternative hair! While human hair can be styled using higher heat, synthetic hair is a little bit different as it is not always heat friendly. You must make sure you know what type of hair you are working with before starting! With heat friendly synthetic hair, you are able to use heat tools, as long as you don't exceed 350 degrees. Follow the five easy steps below for quick, gorgeously curled hair.
Before we begin, curl your own hair as you normally would. We are going to style the synthetic hair extensions prior to installing them… so go ahead and curl your bio hair so we can knock that part out of the way.
Step One: Make sure that your curling wand is set anywhere from 250-350 degrees if your extensions are synthetic. If you exceed this temperature, you risk melting the synthetic fibers! It's important to remember not to use a regular hairbrush on alternative hair, instead use a wide tooth wig comb.
Step Two: Next, get the hair extensions ready for styling. Remember not to style the extensions before putting in! Using a Styrofoam head and T-Pins, pin your hair extensions to the Styrofoam head so that the hair extensions will stay secure while curling.
Step Three: Once the curling wand has warmed up to the correct temperature, wrap small portions of the hair around the curling wand and hold for 5-10 seconds.
Step Four: Clip it to cool it! Remove the curling wand, but keep the coiled hair in place until it cools using a clip or your fingers. This step is crucial in ensuring that the synthetic hair holds the curl! Repeat these three steps until you have beautifully curled hair extensions.
Step Five: Mist with hairspray designed for wigs and extensions. Make sure not to use hairspray formulated for bio hair… this can damage your hair extensions. Use Heat Treat by Jon Renau to extend the life of your extensions, so you can have beautiful hair for months to come.
Curling your hair extensions requires a little more time and effort than when compared to natural virgin hair, but it does come with added benefits! If your extensions are heat-friendly synthetic hair, they will hold style much longer than natural hair does… so you don’t have to style the hair as frequently! As long as you follow the five easy steps above, you can get stunning curly hair extensions whenever you want.

Custom lace wigs of your choice

Different from stock lace wigs that fit all, a custom unit is prepared for the entity wearer. Hair length, density, texture, color, lace type and fitting are all tailored. Though, the marketplace is so saturated with stock lace units lots of shoppers wonder if a tailored full lace unit is worth the price. For any lady who is searching the most pragmatic seeming wigs, custom full units are definitely the best one.
A custom lace wig starts with the wig cap. These cap choices fluctuate. Swiss laces and French are possibly the most well-liked, since they are the only cap choices prepared from lace. French lace is a studier lace, whereas Swiss lace is very sophisticated. French lace is characteristically used on stock full lace units, although work evenly also on custom wigs. Swiss lace is measured as topnotch quality lace. Though, some wig makers prefer not to use this lace attributable to how easily it can be damaged. For those who lead vigorous lives, Swiss lace might not be the best decision.
Additional cap choices comprise monofilament lace and thin skin. This skin is matched to the wearers' skin tone and has a light outline to produce a textured skin look. Thin skin is a polyurethane cap applied on lace wigs for a natural scalp look. The advantageous of thin skin are various. It is a best substitute for those who desire a very natural appearing scalp. However, cannot look forward to bearing using delicate lace caps. The cause of applying thin skin is that is having a low intensity of breathability. In warmer periods of a year, the thin skin creates it a little itchy and hot to wear the custom lace wig. Monofilament lace has the similar advantageous as thin skin devoid of the cons. Monofilament lace is delicately constructed like Swiss lace with the stability of French lace. It is a fine lace similar to pantyhose where hairs are laced in the course to swivel in any trend the wearer prefers.
The particulars of your hair can be tailored after you decide a gorgeous wig cap. Custom unit can come in a range of colors and lengths. In all wigs, the length of it should be calculated from the nape of the neck. For those seeking layers devoid of having to style the layers; customize! Custom wigs can be made with several hair lengths for a layered and fuller appearance. This also generates a more natural look since most individuals do not have a standardized length of hair all around.
The cause behind mixed mass on full lace wigs is to produce a natural hairline and succession all the way through the scalp. One more benefit of buying a lace unit is to a counterpart your own natural mass. If you have a natural density of a medium to heavy as an alternative of light to medium, you can obtain this personalized on your wig. For those wig fine or enormously thick hair, personalizing your full lace wig is a good idea.

domenica 19 maggio 2019



Buonasera!! Oggi voglio parlarvi di uno shop on line che ho appena scoperto, Cicilooshop, è un sito on line fornitissimo, trovate tutti i tipi di abbigliamento in base ai vostri gusti, casual, sportivo, elegante, c'è proprio una vastità di abiti, pantaloni, salopette, ma troviamo anche accessori come le scarpe, la lingerie. Lo trovo davvero un sito completo di tutto ciò che ci serve per le nostre esigenze.

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Round Neck  Print Short Sleeve T-Shirts

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High Neck  Abstract Print Sweaters

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Un'altra sezione di cui voglio parlarvi e dei carinissimi costumi sexy women swimwear

Strapless  Bowknot  Printed Bikini

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